Genomic Life Conference 2021

Optimizing Employee Well-being Through Genetic Insights and Proactive Health Programs

Thursday, August 19, 2021
8:00am-11:00am PDT

Complimentary live virtual conference

Featured Speakers

Learn about the latest advancements in genomic medicine from these industry experts.

Who should attend

Benefits consultants and brokers eager to learn about the latest innovations in genomic medicine.

Why attend

To learn about the ever-changing world of genomic testing and personalized medicine as it applies to group benefits. During this dynamic half-day conference, you will hear from industry experts on:
  • The basics of genomics and genetic testing and its impact on current & future states of personalized medicine
  • Why access to the latest in genomic medicine is critical but often difficult and expensive
  • The impact of genomics programs on healthcare spend and health inequality
  • The challenges of dealing with cancer for employees and employers
  • How the latest innovation in employee benefits, Cancer Guardian, addresses the need for affordable access to clinical-grade genomic testing and personalized medicine facilitated by experienced medical professionals

Why Cancer Guardian

Cancer Guardian is a transformative benefit program that can help in the prevention and management of cancer by combining the power of genomics with the personalized support of expert cancer navigation resources.
By 2030, cancer is expected to surpass heart disease as the #1 cause of death in the U.S.(1) Cancer is the leading driver of healthcare costs and has an extensive impact on productivity and presenteeism within the workforce. Employers need an innovative cancer strategy like Cancer Guardian that provides the resources to employees when they need it most.


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Welcome – What is Genomic Life?


Genomics and the Impact on Proactive Health – Hereditary Risk Screening and Comprehensive Diagnosis and Treatment


Genomic Medicine Today and the Path to Prevention


Challenges in the Cancer Landscape


The Power of Genomics: A Story of Dark Clouds and Silver Linings


Bringing it All Together – Cancer Guardian


Closing Remarks

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